Cold Storage Doors

Thermostop cold storage doors line covers all your cold storage warehouse needs, from the dock bay to the freezer room: cooler and freezer dock doors, knockout impactable dock doors, cooler or freezer sectional doors, sliding doors and walk-in hinged doors, impact traffic doors, high traffic breakaway impactable sliding doors. The Thermostop cold storage doors offer superior quality features and are built for unsurpassed energy conservation and durability.

Hinge Walk-In Entrance Cold Storage Doors - Thermostop

The high performance walk-in door!The foam insulated Glace-Guard Entrance offers superior quality features such as flush design, magnetic gasket, cam-lift hinges, shock resistant frame with built-in More

Mark Door - Cold Storage Doors

The standard of quality for cold storage vertical doors!The foam insulated Glace-Guard Mark has superior design features such as tongue-and-groove joint , double joint seal, true thermal break, air-tight perimeter and bottom seals More

Slider - Cold Storage Doors

Your uncompromising sliding door!The Glace-Guard Slider offers impeccable performance with its polyurethane foam insulated panels and extra heavy-duty hardware More

High Speed Break-Away Impact Resistant Sliding Door - Cold Storage Doors

High speed break-away impact resistant sliding doorThe Armorflex door combines high speed operation with soft FDA-approved impactable More

Armatech - Cold Storage Doors

High speed break-away impact resistant sliding doorThe Armatech door combines high speed operation with thermoplastic composite impactable panels More

Heavy Duty Impact Traffic Doors

Superior impact resistant traffic doorThe well insulated Glace-Guard Impact Traffic offers impactable thermoplastic composite panels with heavy-duty gravity hardware More

Breakfree400 -The door to the test of the unparalleled impact

Your unbeatable cold storage!The Breakfree™ 400 door is the cold storage door that offers the high insulation value of a 4" thick polyurethane door and the ability to break away upon impact More