Acoustic Doors

Thermostop's acoustic doors are laboratory tested as per the ASTM-E413 Classification for Rating Sound Insulation. While the Thermostop SoundEntry acoustic entrance door exhibits a Sound Transmission Class STC 40, the Thermostop SoundSentry acoustic vertical door provides a Sound Transmission Class up to STC 47. The SoundSentry STC 47 is in fact North America's highest STC acoustic sectional door. The SoundSentry acoustic sectional door is the ideal choice for large openings requiring large size doors, for work environments subject to noise level regulations, engine test cells, film studios, sound studios, concert halls. etc. 

Acoustic Entrance Doors: Secure Sound-Damping Door with Superior Insulation

STC40 acoustic entrance door

STC 47 acoustic vertical door  More

STC 40 acoustic vertical door  More

STC 34 acoustic vertical door  More

Acoustic Sliding Doors: Secure Sound-Damping Insultated Sliding Doors

STC34 acoustic sliding door  More