SoundSentry STC 47

The superior STC acoustic vertical door!

The SoundSentry STC 47 acoustic sectional door conforms to the ASTM E-413 (Classification for Rating Sound Insulation) standard and features 16 gauge steel skins over a 4” thick acoustic material and high density polyurethane foam core. Furthermore, the SoundSentry STC 47 acoustic vertical door is equipped on its inner face with an acoustic box for increased acoustic performance. Therefore, apart from its acoustic quality, it is also a heavy-duty security sectional door with a superior R-32 insulation value. The SoundSentry STC 47 is a superior quality acoustic vertical door with the following remarkable features: high density polyurethane foam core, sound-tight tongue-and-groove joint, panel joint integral double bubble seal, triple-lip perimeter weather seal, wall acoustic compression seal, double U-rubber bottom seal and 16 gauge galvanized steel end caps. The door can be manually operated with a chain hoist or can be motorized with electrical accessories. The SoundSentry STC 47 has a smooth finish and is enamel painted with a choice of color based on the RAL color chart.

This door is recommended for the following applications:

  • film studio
  • sound recording studio
  • concert hall
  • test cell
  • acoustic enclosure


Sound Transmission Class (STC) 47

In accordance with ASTM E-413 (Classification for Rating Sound Insulation)

STC 40 
Door thickness and insulation value

4” (100 mm) thick.Insulation value is R-32.

Panel construction

The inner core consists of sound dampening acoustic material and rigid polyurethane, foamed-in-place under high pressure between two16ga. steel skins. 2.56 lb/ft3 (41.0 kg/m3) minimum density.


CFC-free rigid foamed-in-place polyurethane. 2.56 lbs/ft3 (41.0 kg/m3) minimum density.

 CFC Free 4 inches
Metal skins and finish

16ga. steel skins. Smooth finish. Custom paint with choice of color from the RAL color chart.

color chart

Choice of color from RAL color chart 

Joint and seal

Sound-tight tongue-and-groove joint with a double bubble-shaped seal



double u

External perimeter gasket system

Triple-lip, flexible PVC gasket seal, retained in an extra robust extruded aluminum retainer.

double u
Internal wall compression seal

Heavy-duty wall compression seal ensures sound tight perimeter soundproofing.

double u
Bottom gasket seal

Double U-shaped, flexible PVC gasket seal, retained in a heavy duty extruded aluminum retainer, securely fastened to the bottom of the door.

double u
Perimeter soundproofing

The external perimeter seal, the compression seal and the bottom double seal ensure a sound tight perimeter

double u