Breakfree protection

Breakfree protection for all Thermostop insulated doors!

All Thermostop polyurethane foam insulated doors, Mark II (2” thick, R-18.2), Mark III (3” thick, R-24) and Mark IV (4” thick, R-32), can be equipped with the breakaway mechanism, without affecting the exterior look and the insulation performance.

Breakaway capability with unmatched impactability

The steel or aluminium bottom panel swings open inward & outward 110 degrees, upon impact. Standard protective high-density plastic facing on the interior side. Optional protective facing on the exterior side.

facing on the interior side

Breakfree bottom panel, 24” or 48” high, capable of breaking away inward and outward a full 110 degrees

Breakfree bottom panel

Uniform look for all door panels

The Breakfree bottom panel, without the exterior protective facing, has the same appearance as the rest of the door.

without the exterior protective facing

Uniform insulation performance on all door panels of same model

All door panels have a rigid CFC-free polyurethane insulation core, foamed-in-place under high pressure:

  • 2” thick model Tradition Mark II-266: R-18
  • 3” thick model Energex Mark III-266: R-24
  • 4” thick model Energex Mark IV-266: R-32

Steel skins offered in 26ga, 20ga and 16ga.

Aluminium skins available in 24ga and 16ga.


Breakfree bottom section features

Ball Latch Reset System: holds the Breakfree panel in place and allows for easy resetting after impact. Replaceable brush seal on all 3 sides of the Breakfree panel. High density impactable plastic facing for interior side and exterior side (optional) CFC-FREE

Long Stroke Slide Bolt (optional)

Allows the simultaneous locking of the Breakfree bottom panel and the whole door


Track configuration options

3 options available :

  • Full vertical
  • 24” high bottom panel : hi-lift of at least 48"
  • 48” high bottom panel : hi-lift of at least 72"
Hardware and electric operators

Hardware model 80-T (3") Electric operator model XTRA-H

Note : For more information, please consult the Hardware - Thermostop Industrial Doors and the Operators - Thermostop Industrial Doors sections.

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