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Impactable Composite Panel

Your impactable bottom panel!

In an efficient warehouse environment, your dock doors are constantly exposed to damages by fork-lifts frequently moving at high speeds. When the door gets hit, it is generally the bottom panel or the first two bottom panels that get damaged. Repairing and replacing broken panels can be expensive both in maintenance costs and in down time.

Your solution: the Impactable Composite Panel.

Superior impactable capability

Thermoplastic composite skins. Missile Impact Test 201 of the Florida (USA) Building Code. No penetration of exterior skin under the impact of a 2” x 4” x 8’ stud at 50’ per second.

Superior impactable capability
Universal adaptable joint

Universal adaptable jointJoint universally adaptable to all door makes, door thicknesses (1½” to 2”) or joint profiles.

Manufacturing process

Made with thermoplastic composite skins and reinforced with an EPS foam core.


Expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core.



Bottom weather seal

U-shaped, flexible PVC weather seal, retained in a heavy duty extruded aluminum retainer, securely fastened to the bottom of the door.

End caps

Sections are equipped with 16ga. (1.42mm) thick galvanized steel end caps.

Easy installation

It takes very little time to install the Impactable Composite Panel as compared to a standard bottom panel.

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