Glace-Guard™ Mark 

The standard of quality for cold storage vertical doors!




The Glace-Guard™ Mark cooler / freezer sectional door is unmatched for its insulation performance and robustness. The Glace-Guard™ Mark cooler / freezer vertical door, available in 3" (R-24) or 4" (R-32) thicknesses, is made of high quality galvanized steel skins and insulated with high density polyurethane foam. Its hardware with an optional counterweight balancing system (instead of a standard spring balancing system) is engineered to ensure an intensive usage with smoothness of operation. The airtight 3” and 4” thick Glace-Guard™ Mark cooler / freezer sectional doors are outfitted with a double panel joint bubble seal, a robust triple-lip perimeter weather seal and a double U-rubber bottom seal. They can be operated manually or be motorized and equipped with a variety of safety devices and actuation accessories. They feature a self-regulated heat trace on four sides, to prevent ice or frost accumulation and to avoid the need for a heated threshold.

The Glace-Guard™ Mark cooler / freezer sectional door is your best door investment when energy conservation and low maintenance costs are criteria of selection.

The Glace-Guard™ Mark door is ideal for applications such as:

  • Cold storage warehouse
  • Grocery distribution warehouse
  • Food processing plant
  • Pharmaceutical warehouse
  • Heavy manufacturing industry
  • Glace-Guard™ Mark III (3")
  • Glace-Guard™ Mark IV (4")
Temperature range

Cooler:4°C  & above /38°F & above

Freezer: -30 °C to 2 °C / -22°F to 36 °F


Up to 28' W x 28' H (8534mm W x 8534mm H)

Thickness and insulation value 3" 4" Polyrethane insulation
  • 3” (75mm) thick, R-24: Glace-GuardTM Mark III
  • 4” (100mm) thick, R-32: Glace-GuardTM Mark IV

3' (75mm) or 4' (100mm) thick panels, insulated with rigid polyurethane, foamed in place under high pressure between two metal skins. Standard 26ga. steel skins, white stucco finish.

For other skins options, please consult presented further.

Joint and seal Joint and seal

High quality metal skins roll formed into an exclusive tongue-and-groove joint with a true thermal break and a double bubble-shaped weather seal.

Perimeter weather seal Perimeter weather seal

Triple-lip, flexible PVC weather seal, retained in an extra robust extruded aluminum retainer.

Bottom weather seal Bottom weather seal

U-shaped, flexible double PVC weather seal, retained in a heavy duty extruded aluminum retainer, securely fastened to the bottom of the door.

  • Model 80-T : 3" track system with torsion spring counterbalancing system
  • Model 80-W (optional): 3" track system with weight counterbalancing system

Note :
For more information, please consult the section.


Support frame :
Vertical and horizontal back frame made of ¾" water-resistant plywood in double layer, clad with white galvanized steel.

Heat trace :
For freezer applications, the door panels are equipped with a heat trace to prevent ice or frost accumulation and to avoid the need of a heated threshold.

WindowsGlazing :
Sealed glass or acrylic 24" x 12" (610mm x 305mm) window.

Motor :
XTRA-LH or XTRA-H motor. Jackshaft type. Belt drive. ½ to 1 hp. 115, 230, 460 or 575V.

  • Optional safety devices: pneumatic safety edge, photo cell.
  • Optional actuation devices: pull cord, radio control, magnetic loop detector, motion detector.

For more information please consult section.

Metal skins options
Steel Finish
26ga. (0.41mm) stucco, white
20ga. (0.86mm) smooth, white
16ga. (1.42mm) smooth, painted
Aluminum Finish
24ga. (0.60mm) stucco, white or grey RAL-9006
16ga. (1.30mm) smooth, clear anodized