Corrosion and Rust Resistant Industrial Sectional Doors


The rust resistant industrial door!

The Thermostop™ Alucent is an airtight and robust industrial door. With a 2”, 3” or 4” thick CFC-free foam core, the Alucent door is the best insulated door of the industry. Corrosion resistant thanks to its polyester coated 24ga. aluminum skins, the Alucent door is ideal for applications such as fire station, service station, car wash, car dealership, food/flower warehouse, hospital, saline environment, salt municipal warehouse, etc.

Performance tests
  • ASTM E-283 (Air Leakage): Less than 0.130 cfm/ft2 at 25 miles/hour
  • ASTM E-547 (Water Penetration): Absolutely no leak
Size capacity

Doors up to 24' wide by 24' high (7315mm wide by 7315mm high)


3 options available:

  • 2" (50mm): Thermostop™ Alucent, model Mark II-244
  • 3" (75mm): Thermostop™ Alucent, model Mark III-244
  • 4" (100mm): Thermostop™ Alucent, model Mark IV-244
Manufacturing process

The inner core consists of rigid polyurethane, foamed in place under high pressure between two metal skins.

Joint and seal

High quality aluminium skins roll formed into an exclusive tongue-and-groove joint with a true thermal break and a double-shaped weather seal (single bubble seal for the Mark II model).

Thermal break
Metal skins

24ga. (0.60mm) aluminium.

Panels diff thickness

Standard: White or grey RAL-9006.

Stucco finish, with ribs.




Grey RAL-2006

Optional colors: Shop painted.

Color chart

Color to be selected from the SICO or RAL color chart

Perimeter weather seal

3-lip, flexible PVC weather seal, retained in an extra robust extruded aluminum retainer.

industrial garage pweatherseal
Bottom weather seal

U-shaped, flexible PVC weather seal, retained in a heavy duty extruded aluminum retainer (one bottom seal for the Mark II model).

sentinel garage bweatherseal
End caps

Sections are equipped with 16ga. (1.42mm) thick galvanized steel end caps.

end caps
Glazing options

Type A (for the Mark II model only):

Full view extruded aluminum panel. Clear anodized finish.

windows typeA

Type B :

Black square frame.

Double acrylic or 1/8" - 1/8" sealed glass.

Standard 24" x 12".

industrial garage window b

Type C :

Black round corner frame.

Double acrylic glass.

Standard 24" x 12".

industrial garage window


Type E :

White square frame windows.

Standard 24" x 12".

industrial garage windows e
Hardware and Electric operators

Recommended models (for 10 000 cycles springs):

  • Up to 16’0” (W.) x 16’0” (H.):

    Hardware model 80-T with electric motor XTRA-H
  • More than 16’0” (W.) x 16’0” (H.):

    Hardware model 80-THD with electric motor XTRA-HHD



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