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Breakfree 400

Your unbeatable cold storage door! 

The Breakfree™ 400 door is the cold storage door that offers the high insulation value of a 4" thick polyurethane door and the ability to break away upon impact.

This patented door is designed to release the bottom section on impact, from the inside or the outside, and to be easily set right back into place. The 4" thick expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulated knockout bottom section, in 30" or 48" height, is made out of an extremely resistant thermoplastic composite skin that can withstand heavy impacts.

The Breakfree™ 400 door is ideal for applications such as :

  • Pharmaceutical warehouses
  • Heavy manufacturing
Performance tests

Missile Impact Test TAS 201 of the Florida (USA) Building Code: no penetration of exterior skin under the impact of 2" x 4" x 8' stud at 50' per second.

Size capacity Doors up to 10' wide by 16' high (3048mm wide by 4877mm high)
Thickness Impact-resistant Thermoplastic composite4 inches insulation

4" (100mm) thick

Wind load design criteria

Doors to withstand a wind load of 21psf (velocity of 90.5 miles/hour) with a maximum horizontal deflection of 1/120 of opening width.

Track configuration options Bottom panels

3 options available :

  • Full vertical
  • Breakfree 430 : hi-lift of at least 54" (for the 30" high bottom section)
  • Breakfree 448 : hi-lift of at least 72" (for the 48" high bottom section)
Bidirectional breakaway mechanism
Breakfree 430 hit from the inside

Breakfree 430 hit from the inside

Breakfree 430 hit from the outside

Breakfree 430 hit from the outside

Joint and seal Join and seal
  • Tongue-and-groove joint with a true thermal break and a double bubble-shaped weather seal.
  • Bottom section sealed on four sides by an airtight double U-shaped seal.
  • Door perimeter is sealed with triple-lip, flexible PVC weather seal.
Hardware and electric operators
  • Hardware model 80-T (3")
  • Electric operator model XTRA-LH or XTRA-H

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