Warranty Certificates


Armatech & Armorflex

  1. General warranty

    The Armatech & Armorflex doors and hardware carry warranty of one (1) year, from the date of delivery, against any defects or faulty workmanship.


    • The distributor or the end-user accepts that the present warranty is the only one applicable on the Thermostop products.
    • This warranty is conditional to an adequate storage of the doors, after delivery and before installation, and to a regular maintenance of the doors according to the Thermostop Maintenance Instructions.
    • The warranty does not cover the damages caused by faulty installation, abusive usage, negligence, or alterations made by the Buyer or any third party.
    • Any claim should be made in writing to THERMOSTOP INC within 30 days following the occurence of the deficiency, and this, within the period of validity of the warranty.
    • In case of defects, THERMOSTOP INC.’s liability is strictly limited to replacement or to repair, F.O.B. THERMOSTOP INC. plant, of any material, parts or goods which may be defective.

      THERMOSTOP INC. shall not, in any event, be liable for:

      • the costs of transport;
      • the on-site labor;
      • the penalties or the direct or indirect damages, of any nature, resulting from the defects.