Specialty Doors & Industrial Sectional Doors

Since 1984, Thermostop has been an innovative leader in the manufacturing of highly insulated doors, security doors and specialty industrial doors. As a reflection of Thermostop's ongoing R&D and broad technological knowhow, its products include highly insulated  3” thick (R-24) / 4” thick (R-32) doors, hangar doors, security 16 gauge steel doors, cold storage cooler / freezer doors, impactable breakaway doors, acoustic doors and bullet resistant doors. All Thermostop products share the same common features such as good design, care for details, high quality materials and stringent fabrication standards. The end result is superior quality, high performance, long lasting industrial doors. Thermostop's specialty doors are custom made by skilled and experienced workers to meet the specific requirements of every application.

Our Product Offering

Industrial Sectional Doors Cold Storage Doors Impactable Breakaway Doors Acoustic Doors
Due to their robust design, their high insulation value (up to R-32) and their heavy gauge steel or aluminum skins (up to 16ga. thickness), the Thermostop overhead doors are widely used for applications such as LEED institutional projects, security doors, specialty dock doors, mining doors, airport hangar doors and rust resistant doors. The Thermostop cold storage doors cover all your cold storage warehouse needs, from the dock bay to the freezer room and are designed and built for unsurpassed energy conservation and durability. All Thermostop impactable doors, whether they are sectional or sliding, use truly impactable material such as composite skins and are designed to break away upon impact. The Breakfree door and the Impactable Composite Panel are your best investment for your dock doors. The Thermostop acoustic sectional doors, the acoustic sliding doors and the entrance acoustic doors offer an STC 40 rating and are ideal for the institutional and industrial work environments.
Ballistic Doors      
The BulletStop ballistic vertical door is UL 752 certified (Bullet-Resisting Equipment Standard), Level 1 through Level 8, for your maximum security applications.      

Door Application Guide

Do you have a specific need for an industrial overhead door or a specialty door?


Our door guide is designed to quickly direct you to common applications that our industrial doors are used for. If you don’t find an application that best fits your needs please contact us.


general warehouse

indoor parking

bus terminal

farm & stable

airplane hangar

High visibility

fire station

service station

car wash

car dealership

bar / cafe storefront

Cold storage

dock door / cooler

dock door / freezer

warehouse / cooler

warehouse / freezer

blast freezer

food processing plant


banana ripening room

food / flower warehouse

High security

detention centers

police stations

military installations

mines (diamond, gold)

Institutional (government)

government buildings

LEED buildings

municipal warehouses


high security buildings

Acoustic (soundproofing)

compressor room

diesel & gaz generator room

personnel noise shelter

observation & control room

test cells


traditional raised panel

high visibility, cool look

secure & cool look

Canadian Great North

airports, government buildings


schools, arenas

Special environment

saline (sea), corrosive

clean room , laboratory


Thermostop's doors have a reputation of quality and durability allowing them to be trusted by companies around the world. All of Thermostops industrial and specialty doors are custom designed to last while saving you money.


Please see our 'Door Application Guide' which will help you understand which industrial door is best for your specific need. Our door guide is designed to help make your decisions easier and recommend the best doors for every situation based on our years of experience.


Our industrial overhead doors are trusted by companies across North America including:



For all your industrial door and specialty door needs, let Thermostop be your last stop. For custom quotes or to learn more about our high quality doors please contact us with your questions or door specifications.


At Thermostop we are here to help you with all your overhead & industrial specialty door needs!