About Us

Since 1984, Thermostop manufactures industrial doors, institutional doors (LEED) and other specialty overhead doors. Due to their robust design, their high insulation value (up to R-32) and their heavy gauge steel or aluminum skins (up to 16ga.), the Thermostop specialty garage doors are widely used for applications such as security doors (police, military installations, detention centers), mining doors (iron, nickel, diamond etc.), airport hangar doors and marine or corrosive environments.

Thermostop is reputed for its high quality cold storage doors and address all your door requirements from the dock bay to the freezer room.

The impactable Breakfree door and the Impactable Universal Panel are outstanding for their ingenuous design and their field reliability and will protect your door investment against inadvertent forklift impacts.

For your work environment and your soundproofing needs, you can count on the Thermostop acoustic doors which offer STC 40 performance.