The acoustic entrance door!


The SoundEntry® is a secure sound-damping entrance door with superior insulation:

  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) 40
  • Testing of acoustic doors complies with recognized industry standards
  • Extra robust 16ga. steel skins
  • Smooth galvanized finish
  • Superior insulation value with acoustic material and polyurethane foam core
  • Recommended when both headroom and side room are a constraint
  • Manual operation
Sound Transmission Class (STC) 40

In accordance with ASTM E-413 (Classification for Rating Sound Insulation)

STC 40

4” (100 mm) thick.

Panel manufacturing process

The inner core consists of rigid polyurethane, foamed-in-place under high pressure between two 16ga. steel skins and acoustic material.

STC Panel structure

CFC-free rigid foamed-in-place polyurethane. 2.56 lbs/ft3 (41.0 kg/m3) minimum density.

CFC Free 4 inches
Metal skins and finish

16ga. steel skins. Galvanized finish.

  • Hinges

Self-closing and reversible high pressure die-cast zinc hinges with self-lubricating nylon cams ensure smooth, trouble-free door operation as well as the firm closing of the door with minimum effort. Brushed chrome finish.

  • Pull handle

High pressure die-cast zinc cylinder locking handle, complete with emergency inside release system. Brushed chrome finish.

  • Mechanical door closer

Heavy gauge steel mechanical door closer, complete with extra-wide hook. Chrome finish.

entrance hinges new


entrance handler


entrance closer

Perimeter magnetic gasket

A full 4-side perimeter magnetic vinyl gasket insures the door is completely sound-proof on the perimeter joint.

entrance magnetic gasket
Door frame

Entrance door frame is made shock-proof 5/32”(4 mm) exterior and interior extruded aluminum angles.

entrance fridge door frame