High Speed Break-Away Impact Resistant Sliding Door - Cold Storage Doors


High speed break-away impact resistant sliding door


The Glace-Guard™ Armorflex is your ideal high speed sliding door for high traffic operations in your warehouse, for energy savings and for low maintenance costs.

With this high speed door, you can maintain a fast pace of operations by putting the door right back into place after it gets hit by a forklift, avoiding down time and minimizing maintenance costs.

The Glace-Guard™ Armorflex is ideal for applications such as :

  • Pharmaceutical warehouses
  • Heavy manufacturing
Temperature range

-20°F to +120°F (-29°C to +49°C)


Up to 10' 0" W. x 16' 0" H. (3048mm W. x 4877mm H.)


FDA approved material

4" (100mm) thick, impact-resistant panel. Its skins are made of an FDA approved polyester fabric combined with a flexible closed-cell foam core. Both the fabric shield and the foam are water-resistant and retained in an extra-robust impact-resistant frame.

Hardware with break-away features Impact-resistant panels with break-away hardware and Heavy-duty double track system combined with trolley assembly

The hardware is engineered to allow the door panel to swing open when it gets hit by a forklift. The break-away hardware makes it easy to put the door right back into place.

The hardware consists of a heavy-duty double track system and trolley assembly roller systems. The trolley assembly stabilizes the movements of the panels at high speed and is equipped with solid tire rollers to support an intensive usage. The track system is slanted from center to both ends to ensure a tight seal and to reduce seal wear. All components are made of aluminum or galvanized steel, or are zinc coated for food applications.

Motor / speed Servomotor and Keypad
  • High speed operation: up to 48" (1220mm) per second at opening, 24" (660mmm) per second at closing
  • Brushless servomotor
  • Closed loop control system to ensure accurate motion profile with changing loads
  • Selectable input voltage, single or three phase: 115, 208, 230, 460 or 575 VAC
  • Programmable obstruction sensing
  • Cycle counter
  • LCD/Keypad display of system operation
  • Electronic programmable clutch
  • Electronic door lock protection
  • Corrosion-resistant

Back frame
Vertical and horizontal back frame made of ¾" water-resistant plywood in double layers, clad with white galvanized steel.

Heat trace
For freezer applications, the door panels and frame are equipped with a heat trace on four sides to prevent ice or frost accumulation, and to avoid the need of a heated threshold.

Tempered sealed glass or SDP-16 polycarbonate 12” x 24” windows.