The bullet resistant vertical door!


The BulletStop bulletproof sectional door conforms to the Underwriters Laboratory UL 752 certification standard (Standard for Bullet-Resisting Equipment), level 1 to level 8. The BulletStop ballistic resistant sectional door features heavy duty steel skins over a 4” thick anti ballistic material and high density polyurethane foam core. Due to the door weight, the BulletStop ballistic reistant sectional door hardware is extra heavy duty with, when required, a counterweight balancing system (in lieu of the standard spring balancing system). The BulletStop bullet resistant sectional door has a smooth finish and is enamel painted with a choice of color based on the RAL color chart. The door is motorized with electrical accessories. It is recommended for the following applications:


  • Police Station
  • Detention Center
  • Military installation
  • High Security Building
  • Government Building
  • Research Laboratory
  • Precious stones & Minerals Mine
  • Pharmaceutical Plant
  • High value goods Warehouse
UL 752 Standard for Bullet-Resisting Equipment

Bullet-Resisting Equipment UL 752 certification

UL Level 1: protection against medium power small arms (9mm Parabellum/ Luger)

UL Level 2: protection against high power small arms (.357 Magnum revolver)

UL Level 3: protection against super power small arms (.44 Magnum revolver)

UL Level 4: protection against high power rifle attack (30-06 rifle)

UL Level 5: protection against military assault weapons using 7.62 NATO ammunitions (1 shot test)

UL Level 6: protection against medium power small arms using 9mm Parabellum ammunitions (5 shots test)

UL Level 7: protection against military assault weapons using 5.56 NATO ammunitions (5 shots test)

UL Level 8: protection against military assault weapons using 7.62 NATO ammunitions (5 shots test)


4” (100 mm) thick.

Panel manufacturing process

The inner core consists of bullet resistant ballistic material as per UL 752 requested rating and rigid polyurethane, foamed-in-place under high pressure between two 16ga. steel skins.


Bullet resistant material as per requested UL 752 rating and CFC-free rigid foamed-in-place polyurethane. 2.56 lbs/ft3 (41.0 kg/m3) minimum density.

Bullet resistant seam protection

UL 752 Level 2 through 8 doors are equipped with bullet resistant seam protection plates as per UL 752 requested rating.

Metal skins and finish

16ga. steel skins. Smooth finish. Custom paint with choice of color from the RAL color chart.

Joint and seals

- Tongue-and-groove joint with a true thermal break of 2 ¾” (68 mm) and a double bubble-shaped seal.

- Perimeter seal : flexible PVC gasket seal, triple-lip, retained in an extra robust extruded aluminum retainer.

- Bottom gasket seal: double U-shaped, flexible PVC gasket seal, retained in a heavy duty extruded aluminum retainer, securely fastened to the bottom of the door.


3” industrial hardware, model 80-THD.

Electric operator

Side mounted “Jackshaft” motor, model XTRA-GH (Gear Worm motor). For electric accessories and their corresponding options such as push button, control stations, radio controls, magnetic loop detector, motion detector, safety edge, utility switch, time delay, closing timer etc., please consult Operators – Thermostop Industrial Doors brochure.