Sliding Cold Storage Doors


Your uncompromising sliding door!


The Glace-Guard™ Slider cold storage sliding door is robust and well insulated. It is available in 3" (R-24) or 4" (R-32) thicknesses and is made of high quality metal skins and insulated with high density polyurethane foam. The hardware consists of a heavy-duty double track system with trolley assembly roller systems. The track system is slanted from center to end(s) to ensure a tight seal and to reduce seal wear. All components are made of aluminum or galvanized steel, or are zinc-coated for food applications. The Glace-Guard™ Slider freezer door is outfitted with heat trace on its four sides to prevent ice or frost accumulation and to avoid the need for a heated threshold. All Glace-Guard™ Slider cooler / freezer doors come with a standard self- supporting extruded aluminum face frame that carries the door, hardware and motor weight. The cooler / freezer door can be operated manually or be motorized. Motor options are: 1) a high speed variable frequency soft-start soft-stop DC servo motor system 2) a mono-speed AC motor. The Glace-Guard™ Slider cooler / freezer door is your best door investment when high performance, energy conservation and low maintenance costs are criteria of selection.

It is ideal for applications such as:

  • Cold storage warehouse
  • Grocery distribution warehouse
  • Food processing plant
  • Pharmaceutical warehouse
  • Heavy manufacturing industry
Reference Products
  • Glace-Guard™ Slider III (3")
  • Glace-Guard™ Slider IV (4") 
Motor Speed
48” (1219mm) per second
Temperature range

Cooler:4°C & above / 38°F & above

Freezer:-30°C to 2°C /-22°F to 36°F


Up to 14' 0" W. x 16' 0" H. (4267mm W. x 4877mm H.)

For larger door, please consult with .

Thickness and insulation value
  • Glace-GuardTM Slider III : 3" (75mm) thick,R-24
  • Glace-GuardTM Slider IV : 4" (100mm) thick,R-32
3" 4" Polyrethane insulation


Single or biparting, 3" (75mm) or 4" (100mm) thick panels, insulated with rigid polyurethane, foamed in place under high pressure between two metal skins. Standard 26ga. steel skins, white stucco finish.

For other skins options, please consult presented further. The panel frame is made of U-shaped heavy-duty aluminum extrusions.

Single panel sliding door Model Slider III (3" thick)


The hardware consists of a heavy-duty double track system and trolley assembly roller systems.The trolley assembly stabilizes the movements of the panels at high speed and is equipped with solid tire rollers to support an intensive usage.The track system is slant ed from center o both ends to ensure a tight seal and to reduce seal wear.All components are made of aluminium or galvanized steel,or  are zinc coated for food applications.

Single panel sliding door Model Slider III (3" thick)


Heavy-duty double track system combined with trolley assembly


High quality airtight compression seals on door frame and double bottom sweep seals.


Face frame and back frame :
Standard 1” thick extruded aluminum face frame, mill finish, to self support the door and hardware load. Optional back frame made with same material as face frame.

Heat trace :
For freezer applications, the door frame and panels are equipped with a heat trace to prevent ice or frost accumulation.f

Glazing :
Sealed glass or acrylic glass 12" x 24" (305mm x 610mm) windows.
Heated sealed glass window available on request.

Kick plate :
24″ (610mm) high 1/16” thick aluminum checker plate to protect the door bottom against forklift impacts.


DC variable frequency motor(optional)

  • Brushless servomotor
  • High speed operation: up to 48" (1220mm) per second at opening.
  • Dimensions: 11” x 4-1/4” x 4-1/4”
  • Closed loop control system to ensure accurate motion profile with changing loads
  • Selectable input voltage, single or three phase: 115, 208, 230, 460 or 575V AC
  • Programmable obstruction sensing
  • Cycle counter/li>
  • LCD/Keypad display of system operation
  • Electronic programmable clutch
  • Electronic door lock protection
  • Corrosion-resistant

AC one-speed motor (optional):

  • Worm gear motor
  • 1.5 second time delay before direction reversing
  • Safety pneumatic edge
  • 12”per second on opening and closing
  • 15”cycles maximum per hour
  • Options for 115V, 230V, 460V or 600V
  • Motor size: 10”W. x 13”H. x 11”depth/li>



















Servomotor and Keypad







Servomotor and Keypad

Metal skins options
Steel Finish
26ga. (0.41mm) stucco, white
20ga. (0.86mm) smooth, white
Aluminum Finish
24ga. (0.60mm) stucco, white